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Marine Lines (Queens Necklace), Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Gateway of India , Mumbai

This 26 meters high stone archway is the first landmark of Mumbai a visitor sees when arriving by ship. Designed by Writtet in the 16th century
Gujarat style, it was built to commorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India in 1911.

This crypto-Moresque archway welcomed numerous viceroys, governors and top civil servants as they disembarked by launch from their p&O steamers. An equestrian staue of Chhatrapati Shivaji and statue of  Swami Vivekhanda have been installed here.

Afghan Church,
Dedicated to the British soldiers who fell in the Singh and Afghan
campaigns of 1838 and 1843, this church also known as St. Johns Church was built in 1847.

Head-Quaters of Western Railways, Mumbai
Completed in 1897, It has as ornamentation, a sculptured group
representing engineering commerce and agriculture.

Mahalaxmi Temple, Mumbai An important Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess of wealth.

Haji Ali Mosque, Mumbai

The tomb of a Muslim saint who died while on Temples to Mecca. It is believed that a casket containing his mortal remains floated and came to rest on a rocky bed in the sea, where devotees constructed the tomb and mosque. Can be visited only at low tide.

Mani Bhavan (Gandhi Mamorial), Mumbai

A memorial dedicated to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He used to stay at House No.19 called Mani Bhavan, from time to time between 1917 and 1934. He was arrested here in 1932 and taken off for one of his many prison terms. The building now contains a pictorial gallery, a 20,000 volume research library, a film and recording archive and a set of diorama on the Mahatma's life. 

Nehru Science Center, Mumbai
The museum here has a children's Science park and a permanent gallery, which consists of exhibits relating to the properties of life. There are also antique exhibits like a railway engine, tramcar, supersonic aero plane and steam lorry.

Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai
The high-rise corncob of the cylindrical Nehru Centre looms north of Mahalaxmi. Here is a planetarium, convention centre and concert cum movie auditorium. The planetarium recreates an image of the skies as seen from anywhere on the earth, at any time- past, present or future.

Pherozsha Mehta Gardens, Mumbai
Popularly known as Hanging gardens they were renamed after the
national activist barrister Pherozshah Mehta. The garden were laid out in 1881 on top of the reservoir which supplies water in Mumbai. A special feature are the hedges which are cut into animal shapes. In the early hours of the morning it is inhabited with people doing yoga, while at sunset one can get a stunning view of the city harbour and hills beyond. There is also a flower clock here.

Kamla Nehru Park, Mumbai
Situated on the slopes of Malabar Hill, it is mainly a children's park
named after the wife of India 's first Prime Minister. Laid in 1952,
the garden offers a panoramic view of Marine Drive and Chowpatty

Rajbai Tower, Mumbai
Built in the19th century Gothic style on the Mumbai university campus, the 79 metres high clock tower commands a fine view of the city. The tower also houses the university library. It is similar to Big Ben of England.

Powai Vihar Lakes, Mumbai
26.6 and 28 km respectively by suburban train to Kurla or Andheri and then by road. Buses from Andheri Railway Station on Sunday and holidays. Allow full day.

Lion Safari Park/Krishnagiri UPV/Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

The National Park, also called Krishnagiri Upvan has the Gandhi Smriti Mandir on Pavilion Hill. The Lion Safari park gives visitors an
opportunity to watch the Indianlion from special, closed vehicles. The Lion Safari park is open on all days, except Monday. Closed on Tuesday if Monday happens to be a public holiday

Kanheri Caves, Mumbai
Carved out of native rock, the 112 caves that form the complex are believed to have been occupied by Buddhist monks for nearly a thousand years, starting 2nd century A. D thus making them one of the oldest  rock monasteries in the country. Caves No. 1,2 and 3 are noteworthy for their massive pillars, sculptures and stupas.

Tansa Lake near  Mumbai
By Central suburban train to Asangaon from Chatrapati Shivaji Terminuns and thence 14.4 km by road. Allow full day.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Fort near Mumbai
About 150 species of birds have been spotted here, 30 of which are migratory. The rare Ashy Minive, a native of the Philippines, has also been seen here.

Elephanta Caves near Mumbai
The Elephanta island is known as Gharapuri (fortress city). The 7th
century cave temple complex, which has been carved out of rock under two small halls, is dedicated to Lord Shiva and was a flourishing place of Temples till few centuries ago. It has a magnificent 18 feet high, three-headed bust of Shiva- the Maheshmurti.

The main cave, which is known as Elephanta, is supported by massive pillars, each resting on massive pillars, each rising on a square base with fluted shafts. Inside is the main hall housing sculptures of various gods in the Hindu mythology. This well known
tourist spot is accessible by boat from the Gateway of India

Bassein Fort near Mumbai
Bassein (Vasai), District Thane (On Western Line)
Bassein or Vasai was an ancient Portuguese settlement located about 48-km to the north of
Mumbai, near the Thane creek. The Bassein Fort was constructed in 1532 by Bahadur Shah, Sultan of Gujarat. You can see ruins of the Fort and the Cathedral of St. Joseph and the Churches of St Antony and St. Paul. The city walls are still intact. There are also decorative gateways inscribed with coats of arms and Portuguese graves dating back to 1558.

Arnala Fort: Arnala fort is near Virar on western line of Railway in Maharashtra. More details on Arnala fort.

How to reach Vasai, Gorai, Nalasopara : All are on western railway line of Mumbai from Church gate to Virar.

Beaches of Mumbai
Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai
A popular beach where celebration of festivals such as Coconut Day and the Ganesh Chaturthi immersions take place. Besides little kiosks selling Mumbai's special snacks, Bhelpuri & Kulfi (local ice cream) one can find professional masseurs, pony leaders, bee bee-gun shooting galleries, contortionists, snake charmers, monkey-trainers, balloon sellers, flower-girls and lots more.

On the beach are statues of India 's freedom fighters, Lokmanya Tilak and Vithalbhai Patel who symbolise the freedom struggle. Chowpatty occupies a special place in the life of Mumbai, having been the venue of mass political meetings in the pre-independence era.

Juhu Beach, Mumbai
A 5 km long beach fringed with palms and coconut trees, it is a
popular picnic spot and has a number of hotels and restaurants.

Erangal Beach, Mumbai
The Western suburban train stops at Malad, from where the journey must be made by road. Hotel accommodation available. Gorai Beach (59 km) The nearest railway station is Borivali. Private shacks are available here.

Madh, Marve and Manori Beaches, Mumbai
By Western suburban to Malad and hence 12 km, 5.6 and 6.4
respectively by road. Ferry services from Marve Beach to Manori Beach are available. Allow full day, Accommodation available.

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