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Mulshi Lake is formed by the backwater of the Mulshi Dam.  Mula river originates at the Mulshi Dam. This dam is used for irrigation, producing electricity. The electricity is produced at the Bhira hydroelectric power plant. Mulshi is to the west of Pune and close to Lonavala.

Mulshi Lake is primarily a tourist attraction nearby Pune. The Lake is formed in the catchments area of Mulshi dam. The Dam is a perfect spot for picnic, with scenic surrounding, unexploited Sahyadri hilly terrains, lusting green dense forests and also some ancient forts like Koraigadh and Dhangad.

The dense forest around the Dam and lake offer the views of some rare wild animals and also views of variety of trees including Teak, sag, mango trees and oak. The forest cover and the lake are habitats of bird flora and many varieties colored birds can be spotted here. The Munshi Lake and dam are really charming for a nature loving visitor.


The beauty of Mulshi lake can be observed from 'Valanewadi' - 6 Kms. from Mulshi. Sahyadri is famous for its deadly hills and its beauty. Both the things can be observed here. The hills of Ratnagiri and hill ranges of 'Hattihant' and 'Pagota' are huge ones and terrific. Some of these hills are almost 4000 feet high. There is one plato here popularly known as 'Lavmal'.

KARE (Kerala Ayurvedic Rejuvenation and Research Establishment) set atop mystic Sahyadri ranges, overlooks the calm water of the Mulshi Lake, against a backdrop of flowers and green surroundings is a Ayurvedic Spa near Mulshi Lake.

One must enjoy the marvelous lake, the dam, forest and hilly region of Mulshi. If you are lucky then you can enjoy boating here as well. Thus, it is a newly developing picnic spot near Pune.

How to Reach Mulshi Lake

How to Reach Mulshi Lake By Air : Pune is nearest airport.

How to Reach Mulshi Lake By Rail : Pune is nearest Railway Station.

How to Reach Mulshi Lake By Road: Mulshi Lake is about 35 km away from Pune. Go for a day trip to from Pune. Mulshi lake from pune via  mangoan Tamhini ghat road ahead of paud.

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