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Anjanvel Fort
Anjanvel is an quiet island on the southern most bank of Vashishti River at the confluence of Arabian Sea near Guhagar town of Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra. Anjanvel port is located at this place and is considered as all weather natural seaport. This seaport offers facilities for shipbuilding and old ship breakings and maintenances.

Anjanvel is an orthodox fishing village with traditional fishing practices blended with modern fishing boats with engine. While visiting here one can get the real experience of interacting with fishermen community

Anjanvel (Gopalgad) Fort

One of the sea forts with great bastion around,  the Anjanvel called Gopalgad is full of scenic beauty. Located in the Anjanvel village  on the shore of Arabian Sea,  fort is carried with twelve Buruj. Two small yet attractive temples and the lighthouse on the top of it,  are the site to enjoy the nature fully. From Lighthouse you can view the beauty of the sea and rivers downhill at the Guhagar. It is the great hill for trekkers with challenging routes to reach at the fort.

Anjanvel fort,  was built by the Bijapur kings in the sixteenth century,  strengthened by Shivaji about 1660,  [Some Persian verses on a flat oblong stone give the date 1707 and the Builder's name Sidi Saat. The verses are: Whoever built a new mansion,  when he was called away,  did it not belong to another? God is immortal and all else subject to death. When the kind king,  the light of the world,  gave the order,  the fort was made,  which he could not live to see. Sidi Seat (built) the fort. Written on the 10th of Zil Hajj,  the first year of the reign,  Hijri 1119 (A.D. 1707).] and improved by his son Sambhaji (1681-89). In 1699,  the fort was attacked and captured by Khairat Khan,  Habshi of Janjira (1680-1708),  who added the lower fort,  Padkot. [Jervis' Konkan,  92.] In 1744 (December),  Tulaji Angre Sarkhel (Sarkhel is a designation in IndianNavy) took it from the Habshi,  and naming it Gopalgad,  added the upper fort,  Balekot. From him,  in 1755,  it passed to the Peshva,  [Nairne's Konkan,  92.] and on the Peshva's overthrow,  fell to British forces on the 17th May 1818. [Nairne's Konkan,  116; Service Record of H.M's XXIst Regiment N.I. (Marine Battalion).] The fort stands on a prominent and commanding point on the south shore of the creek entrance half a mile from Anjanvel. It covers seven acres,  and is surrounded on three sides by the sea,  and on the fourth by a deep ditch now partly filled. There is no complete line of outworks,  only one or two covered ways leading down to batteries. The fort walls,  built of stone and mortar,  are very strong,  about twenty feet high and eight feet thick,  with,  at some distance from each other,  twelve bastions,  were armed with cannon. The fort is still in good condition. South of the fort is a deep trench eighteen feet broad. There are two doors,  one to the east,  the other to the west. On either side of the west door was a guardroom. The interior of the fort,  once full of buildings,  still has traces of small houses. There are also three wells with a plentiful supply of water. Near the wells is a building said to have been the store-room,  close to it,  a granary,  and at a little distance,  the Governor's palace.

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How to reach Anjanvel,  Guhagar

Guhagar is well connected to the other parts of the state and is just about 40 Kms off the National Higway (NH 17)
Distances from major towns in Maharashtra to Guhagar
  • Mumbai to Guhagar - 290 Kms
  • Pune to Guhagar - 240 Kms
  • Kolhapur to Guhagar - 200 Kms
  • Ratnagiri to Guhagar - 100 Kms

Route map to Guhagar from Major cities

Mumbai to Guhagar (290 Kms)
Mumbai - Mangaon - Mahad - Khed - Chiplun - Guhagar
There other alternates however staying on the NH 17 and then the SH 78 is the best option with respect ease of travel.

Pune to Guhagar (240 Kms)
1) Pune - Khed Shivapur Bhor Varandha Ghat Mahad - Khed - Chiplun - Guhagar
2) Pune to Guhagar via Bhor is the shortest route however considering current road condition the best route is
3) Pune - Khed Shivapur - Surur - Satara - Umbraj - Kumbharli Ghat - Chiplun - Guhagar (280 Kms)

Kolhapur to Guhagar (200 Kms) : Chandoli - Amba Ghat - Karnjari - Pali - Hathkumbe - Nivli Phata - Guhagar

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