Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Jorhat, Assam

Earlier known as Hulungapar Reserve Forest, Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary is the only wildlife park in India to be named after a non-human primate. Covering an area of 1915 hectors, it was given the status of a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1997 by Assam Government. The main attraction of the park are the many different species of primates that are found here. In a normal wildlife park, it is said that it tougher to sight a primate than a tiger. But sighting a primate is far more easier in Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary. It is advised that you visit the park early in the morning as that is the time when the primates are out of their home in search of food. Number of sightings will be maximum during this period. The types of monkeys found here are Hoolock gibbon, Capped langur, slow loris, rhesus monkey, pig tailed macaque and stump tailed macaque. You can also see other animals like leopards, wild pigs and elephants in Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary. The park is around 15 km from Jorhat and is easily accessible from the city.

How To Reach Jorhat

How To Reach Jorhat By Air

There is an airport in Jorhat itself which makes it easy to visit Jorhat. There are regular flights from
Guwahati and other cities. Jorhat is situated in the center of the city and is easily accessible from any part of the city.

How To Reach Jorhat By Rail

Jorhat has its own railhead and is well connected to major cities of Assam. There is regular trains to Jorhat from

How To Reach Jorhat By Road

Jorhat is well connected By Roadto all parts of the state. The city is around 308 km from
Guwahati and there are regular bus service that take around 7 hrs to cover the distance. There are both state buses and private buses have to and fro transportation for Jorhat.

Local Transportation

Jorhat is a big city and you will find almost all modes of transportation inside the city. There are buses, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws and taxis that make commuting in the city easy and comfortable.

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Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary

Jorhat, Assam, North East India       

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