Mayurbhanj, Orissa, India

      Land of Culture from Vedic Times  

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Kichakeswari Temple (16 km from Baripada), Mayurbhanj
Kichakeswari Temple
is sited in Bahalda, the capital of Mayurbhanj kingdom in the 14th century. It lies at a distance of 16 km from Baripada. Dedicated to Goddess Kichakeswari, the temple is known for its architectural beauty.

Manatri (36 km from Baripada), Mayurbhanj
Located at a distance of 36 kms from Baripada, Manatri is famous for the temple of Kakharua Vaidyanath. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and boasts of a unique architectural style. One can see inscriptions of the Mayurbhanj kings, written in Oriya, on the temple walls. In the western side of the temple, there are remains of an ancient fort.

Deokund, Mayurbhanj  ( 65 Km from baripada) Deokund is a divine scenic spot, found at a distance of 65 km from Baripada and 110 km from Baleswar. This place is an important tourist attraction, owing to its Charming waterfalls and natural beauty. setteled on a hill, Ambika Temple is a renowned shrine of Deokund.


Bhimkund, Mayurbhanj
Situated at a distance of 40 km from Karanjia, Bhimkund is a Temples site that has a sacred pool. It is believed that Bhima (the second Pandava) had taken a bath in this pool. Makara Festival is celebrated here ever year, in the month of January. People usually visit this place to behold and experience its charismatic beauty.

Khiching, Mayurbhanj
Located at a distance of 150 kms from Baripada, Khiching is a town known for its ancient temples. It had once served as the capital of Bhanja rulers also. One of the major attractions of Khiching is a temple dedicated to Goddess Chamunda, known for its amazing stone carvings. Other places of interest are Chaulakunj (for its monolithic pillars) and Biratgarh (for its museum).

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How to reach Mayurbhanj

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